Our high quality products are backed by our very reputable brand’s: Tuk, in the domestic market and Hystik in the international markets. We produce and market different types of tapes to satisfy the different necessities in the automotive and industrial adhesive market.The market’s national and international demand has guided Tuk to adapt and, in turn, penetrate the market of more than 50 countries around the world.

Addressing the needs of technical support and service delivery that your customers deserve, we have 6 sales offices and three distribution centers in the domestic market. Likewise international markets are served by four sales offices and distribution centers strategically located in the US and Central America. Through strategic alliances with loyal distributors in America, Europe and Asia, Industrias Tuk has formed a distribution network that has allowed emerged hyStik as a well known international brand.

Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance to both the product and the service are basic principles observed by our company since its inception. Our commitment to these principles has led us to obtain the ISO-9001 qualification since 1997, implementing a system of continuous improvement and high quality management according to international standards.


Website:  http://www.hystik.com/