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What do we mean by confidence? You work hard to keep your customers happy and your customers notice when you put in the extra effort. Why not let Trimaco products help you along the way. We offer an expansive selection of surface, personal and jobsite protection products, from dust containment to protective wear, wipe cloths and heavy-duty surface protection. We also carry high quality dropcloths, masking paper, tape, and paint strainers. The needs of our customers drive our innovation, and we’ll help you get the job done right – the first time – with confidence. We sell our products through distributors across the nation.

With roots back to 1906, Trimaco’s foundation is based on experience, integrity, innovation and customer support. We value creating and building relationships with all our customers to deliver the best products possible. Trimaco is a manufacturing leader in the paint, construction, flooring, marine, disaster restoration, facilities maintenance and automotive industries. We offer a comprehensive selection of quality protective products for jobsites and personal projects.  Our goal is to be your single source for total jobsite protection™. We are based in Morrisville, North Carolina but we have plants conveniently located across the country and internationally for on-time delivery. Our locations include, Surprise, AZ; Manning, SC; Ridgefield, WA; and Elk Grove Village, IL. We also export goods and products internationally. Website:


At Trimaco, all of our professional grade drop cloths provide top quality surface protection and complete coverage. Looking for a slip resistant canvas drop cloth that won’t leak and harm floors? Our heavy duty Stay Put Canvas Plus drop cloth is the answer. Our machine washable, canvas drop cloths are great for painting, cleaning and a wide range of DIY projects. In addition, we also offer vinyl, butyl, polypropylene, heavy weight canvas and plastic drop cloths that are great for a variety of jobs.

Trimaco drop cloths will provide ideal protection from all kinds of paint spills and stains. From heavy duty surface protection, to microfiber cleaning cloths and rags, Trimaco has all the products you need to get the job done right!


Automotive Masking Paper protects vehicle bodies and windows from paint overspray. It provides better bleed through protection than regular masking paper and is a key item in the automotive aftermarket applications process.



Trimaco understands that surface protection isn’t just about protecting against spills and stains. We have a line of dust containment systems and parts including E-Z Up® Peel + Stick Plastic Sheeting Zipper to create instant doorway on tarps, dust barrier poles, floor protection film and drop cloths, and even carry bags. Our collection of dust containment systems and solutions will protect against all kinds of dust, including airborne dust, combustible dust, silica dust and more.

When combined with our protective films and plastic sheeting to create dust barriers, you get a complete dust containment system. The temporary walls suppress dangerous dust particles, protect surfaces, and help maintain proper air quality. Use the sheeting poles and dust barrier plastic sheeting to create a reusable dust barrier or zipper doors for your work area. From large scale construction jobs, to residential renovations, Trimaco’s Dust Containment Solutions will keep your space safe and clean.

Looking for other ways to keep your job site protected from dust and debris? Check out Trimaco’s extensive line of Heavy Duty Surface Protectors and Masking Products!









When it comes to protective floor coverings, you can’t beat Trimaco’s selection of builders protective floor covering products. From the traditional Red Rosin & Builder’s Construction Flooring Paper to 50lb Protective Flooring Paper and White Top Construction Paper, our temporary flooring paper will provide superior protection on the job.

These professional grade contractor’s papers will protect hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring, laminate flooring, concrete floors, carpet and more. Keep your floors protected from stains, paint, glue and grime. Have a large flooring project? Be sure to explore Trimaco’s pro-sized Builder’s Paper and Red Rosin paperoptions! For more information on all of Trimaco’s job site protection products, check out our complete catalog!


Heavy duty tapes are not all the same, just like every job they do isn’t the same. From indoor to outdoor jobs, packing tape to masking tape, you need to choose what has the right holding power to get things done.

That’s where we come in, because Trimaco has you covered! From scrim tape, to professional-grade strong adhesive seam tape and dispensers. Trimaco’s offers a full line of heavy duty seam tapes, that are the perfect sealing solution for a wide variety of surface protection products to protect all types of surfaces and floors during construction.

Many often try to use generic heavy duty packing tape, the kind used for cardboard boxes or moving boxes, for home improvement projects. However, construction and home improvement jobs require different types of tape, such as permanent tape or strong tape for plastic surface protectors.

When combined, our surface protectors and strong tapes provide a heavy duty bond that won’t budge on your toughest jobs. From temporary tape to permanent tape, we have the product you need to seam, seal, bind and protect surfaces. Explore Trimaco’s heavy duty seam tapes and product details below!


Trimaco understands the importance of safety on the job site. We strive to bring you innovative and dependable protective equipment, so you can focus on the job at hand. From shoe and eye protection to pe-coated and high-visibility PPE coveralls, Trimaco’s personal safety gear and protective wear will keep you shielded safe from a variety of hazards. Our high-quality PPE garments and protective clothing for painting ensure proper occupational safety, giving you complete job site confidence.





There are safety risks and hazards on every job site, creating the need for safety equipment ranging from respirators and face masks, to hearing protection, safety glasses, and knee pads, and, largely, protective clothing. Although risks come in many different shapes and forms, it’s important to not only control these hazards, but to stress the importance of personal protection, as well. If you’re in need of professional-grade personal protective wear, Trimaco has you covered. Our dependable personal protective equipment (PPE) meets the highest health and safety standards. Therefore, reducing your exposure to hazards and risks.



Soundproof residential and commercial spaces with United Plastics’ line of sound-absorbing materials. These easy to install noise barrier products are ideal for both walls, ceilings and floors and are designed to help decrease airborne noise, footfall noise, and other sound transmissions. From lightweight to heavy-duty soundproofing materials, United Plastics’ dB line of sound barrier products help create quiet, calming and comfortable spaces. Created with both commercial and residential noise reduction in mind, dB’s tough, sound absorption materials are better at sound control than equivalent mass loaded vinyl products and work with both new or existing construction projects.





Use during flooring, ceiling or wall construction to limit the transmission of acoustical or impact noise sound waves and create sound reduction in shared commercial spaces, recording studios, or in residential home projects like home theater rooms where sound quality is important. Noise barrier products from United Plastics can be as underlayment behind a layer of drywall, metal-framed wall systems, ceiling systems, hard surface laminate floors and carpet. They are flexible enough to be used as subfloor sound barrier or even be used within layers of drywall to meet many different noise barrier needs.