With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing masking tapes, we’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality, masking tapes expertly designed for all purposes. We understand that each job varies, which is why we have everything from conventional paper masking tapes to perforated trim masking tapes available.

We always strive for the highest production standards to ensure our customers receive a reliable product that you can trust to provide consistently great results with every use. Whether you’re masking off the top of a car door or masking trims and mouldings with precision, our selection is perfect for masking off multiple surfaces with no unwanted leaks.


80°C Premium Masking Tape is a general all-round crepe tape for masking off areas when spraying. It is ideally suited to use with other JTAPE products in the body-shop, with a strong adhesion and is heat-resistant to temperatures of 80°C/176°F.

Premium Masking Tape can be easily removed, leaving no residue.

Available in widths of 18mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm. 

80°C  Premium Masking Tape is the perfect high-quality everyday tape.


110°C/230°F High Performance UV Masking Tape is suitable for automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial and various other applications.

UV resistant, this performance crepe tape is suitable for use under UV lamps, and features a specially formulated adhesive to create a strong bond to a wide range of substrates without lifting, when masking off areas for spraying.

Suitable for solvent, water and enamel based paints, the tape cuts easily and leaves no adhesive residue after the drying process.

110°C High Performance UV Masking Tape is the perfect performance crepe tape for use under a UV lamp.


JTAPE 120°C Lime Precision Masking Tape is higher tack than other precision masking tapes and is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

It’s a translucent rice paper masking tape, with an acrylic adhesive for highly protective bonds on sensitive surfaces.

Ideal for both solvent-based and water-based paint systems it can be used for masking on painted surfaces, glass, plastics, mouldings, trims, rubbers and wheels and can be removed with no adhesive residue.

120°C Lime Precision Masking Tape is heat-resistant to temperatures up to 120°C/248°F for up to 1 hour and can be exposed outside to UV for up to 7 days.

130ºC Flat Orange Precision Masking Tape

Flat Orange Precision Masking Tape masks rubbers, plastics, mouldings and trims. The flexible, water-proof, advanced acrylic adhesive will adhere to surfaces that standard masking tape would otherwise not.

JTAPE 130°C Flat Orange Precision Masking Tape is a medium tack masking tape for interior and exterior applications.

It’s an orange rice paper crepe masking tape, with a custom formulated acrylic-based adhesive.

This waterproof product is ideal for masking on painted surfaces, glass, plastics, mouldings, trims, rubbers and wheels.

It also offers clean, residue-free removal even when exposed to temperatures up to 130°C/266°F for up to 30 mins and can be exposed outside for up to 14 days.


Choosing the right Protection Film is essential if you want to achieve professional results across a range of applications. Our range of protection films can be applied to protect broken automotive windows, protect floors from overspray or even replace inner door membranes, as well as offering general protection whilst painting.

At JTAPE, we offer a range of protection films in multiple sizes to provide an excellent solution across a variety of needs.


JTAPE’s Seal Wrap protects broken automotive windows from the elements until ready for repair. The film is a clear, tough, low-tack masking material, for both interior and exterior applications. Seal Wrap is a low density polyethylene film on a roll, with an ultraviolet inhibitor and is coated with a custom formulated water-based acrylic adhesive – ensuring that no residue is left upon removal; available in 300mm, 600mm and 900mm widths.

Seal Wrap is the instant solution for protecting broken windows


JTAPE Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is designed to protect any kind of surface from paint contamination. The product is a construction of a clean removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive coated on to an LDPE film with an anti-slip agent.

Available in 600mm x 25m, 1200mm x 25m  and 1200mm x 50m

Strong and durable non-slip surface

Chemical and solvent resistant

Easy to apply, cut and clean

Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is a quick and efficient way to protect surfaces in mixing rooms, spray booth floors, stainless steel table tops and paint mixing areas.


JTAPE Door Skin Replacement Film is a polyethylene based clear film for making door interiors watertight.

The product is ideal for replacing door skin membranes when used with the JTAPE Refit Tape.

Just cut to size, fix the Refit Tape to the door and then position the film to seal the open area.