Masking – Auto Aftermarket

IPG’s American® brand masking products have long been trusted by professionals for their unsurpassed quality and performance. Our mission is to build upon this proven performance and exceed the expectations of our customers! That is why we have focused on developing a full line of clean removal products that are compatible with a wide range of temperatures, the latest coatings and waterborne or solvent paints so you can optimize performance and minimize cost.

Get Flawless Lines Everytime

American brand fineline tapes offer superior conformability, secure laydown and consistently straight lines without excessive stretch. Both FM71 and FM35 feature a thermal PVC backing and rubber-based adhesive, and produce clean separation lines and no residue on de-mask. We now offer our OM masking tape in retail packaged 3mm and 6mm fineline widths.  If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your color break project, American brand fineline tapes are the answer!

The Perfect Choice for Auto Molding Protection

American brand TM27 TrimFast™ is specifically designed for flush mount and inset molding around windshields and other automotive glass. It is perforated for easy cornering and eliminates the need for dangerous knives or razor blades. TM27 TrimFast ensures clean removal from finished paint work without slivering, saving time and money!

Prevent Oversprays

IPG’s Anchor brand Hand Mask is a pre-folded, high density polyethylene masking film designed for multiple transportation applications. The thick and durable 12 micron film is treated to resist overspray flaking during paint applications. This special film is designed with a reinforced top edge formulated to prevent the underlying film from sticking.

Rust-Oleum Blue Masking Tape

Conformable crepe paper masking tape with acrylic adhesive. Secure adhesion and clean removal from most surfaces. Resistant to U.V. (up to 14 days), humidity and paint bleed-through.


AM Medium Temp Medium Grade Paper Masking Tape

AM (AquaMask) is an aqua colored, conformable, saturated, crepe paper masking tape with pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive. Good adhesion and holding properties. Clean, easy removal. Resists paint flaking and wet sanding. Compatible with both water and solvent-based paints. UV-resistant up to three (3) days. Temperature resistant up to 225°F (107°C) for 30 minutes.



FM35 “fine line” masking tape uses thermally stabilized PVC backing with a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive. This tape is designed to offer a high degree of conformability, is waterproof, and solvent resistant. Operating temperature range of 40°F to 280°F (4.4°C to 138°C).


GTIndustrial Grade Paper Masking Tape

A green crepe paper masking tape coated with a stain resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive. Capable of withstanding oven temperatures up to 225°F (107°C) for one hour. Compatible with both water and solvent-based paints.


HMFHand Masking Film

Hand Masking Film is a pre-folded high density polyethylene masking film. The thick and durable 12 micron film is treated to resist overspray flaking during paint applications.


OMMedium Temp Medium Grade Paper Masking Tape

OM (OrangeMask®) is an orange, high quality, smooth, crepe paper masking tape with a natural rubber adhesive. Good quick-stick and holding properties for the composites industries. Smooth-to-the-touch, straight, clean paint-break line, highly conformable and flexible, tear resistant, moisture and solvent resistant, UV resistant up to 72 hours, and can be exposed to oven temperature up to 250°F (121°C) up to 30 minutes. Stain and transfer resistant, controlled unwind, and good adhesion to backing when layered.


PT1414-Day UV-Resistant Specialty Paper Masking Tape

Blue fine crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive, synthetic rubber adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight for up to fourteen days. Exhibits easy, clean removal from most surfaces. Excellent conformability as well as smooth backing for superior paint lines and reduced fingertip abrasion. Consistent, easy unwind and resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through. Also has secure adhesion and is stain-resistant.