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Your Trusted Source for Critical Cleaning Towels and Wipes

PRO-SERIES® PRISTINE® clean, chemically pure, virtually lint-free automotive prep towels and ADVANTAGE® brand general cleaning wipes have been helping shops achieve quality results for more than three decades. From the paint prep area, mixing room and paint booth to the maintenance and detail areas, be sure to contact BC Marketing for guidance on how to choose the right wiper for the job.

PRO-SERIES Professional Grade Automotive Wipes Lineup

PRISTINE® Clean Wipes Premium Automotive Refinisher’s Towels

  • Available in a variety of formats developed for consistent and long-lasting high performance
  • Virtually lint-free and solvent compatible
  • Chemically pure – contain no glues, binders or contaminants
  • Wipes surfaces totally dry
  • Creped versions deliver maximum absorption and optimum hand feel
  • Cloth-like strength when used wet or dry
  • Ideal for surface prep, mixing room and spray gun cleaning

ADVANTAGE® Wipes for General Cleaning

  • The #1 all-purpose cleaning choice
  • Highly absorbent for cleaning up liquid spills
  • Wipes surfaces totally dry
  • Great for oil and grease absorption
  • Ideal for cleaning parts and tools
  • Soft hand feel