Automotive surfaces are glossy advertisements. Perfect finishing of vehicle body parts, therefore, requires all-round expertise, an ability to see things in their entirety, the right technology and a range of complementary products.

sia Abrasives offers body specialists and body painters a fully coordinated system comprising products and services designed to ensure a perfect finish – abrasives, machinery, accessories and services.

For coarse sanding

Coarse sanding is a basic sanding process used for the treatment of rough surfaces after joining components or as preparation for welding work. Coarse sanding involves the following individual operations:

  • Cutting vehicle body parts
  • Sanding off weld seams and burrs, lacquer, rust, vehicle body parts, stone chip protection, weld beads, edges and hard-to-reach areas
  • Treatment of fine weld seams, small and hard-to-reach areas
  • Removal of films and adhesive residues

Tip: The most efficient way to achieve your desired finish using angle grinders and rotary sanders is to choose the right speed and matching sanding pads. Our cutting speed recommendations:

40–60 m/s for metal, lacquer and bodyfiller
10–20 m/s for heat-sensitive materials and fine finishes

For repair sanding

Professional repair sanding involves rebuilding the various layer thicknesses using suitable filling and sanding methods. We offer both machine sanding and manual sanding systems for the following individual operations:

  • Preparatory work: Removal of paint, scratches or dents
    Shaping and flatting of bodyfiller
  • Fine sanding of bodyfiller / old lacquer on curves, edges and surfaces
  • Fine sanding and flatting of filler on curves, edges and surfaces
  • Sanding of EDP-coated new parts and ultrahard factory primers

Tip: We recommend using siasoft for fine sanding of surfaces and curves. It ensures the very gentle and even use of abrasives. It also prevents unwanted sanding-through and helps to achieve perfect surface quality with minimal scratch depth.

For lacquer sanding

Professional treatment of clear lacquers calls for perfectly coordinated sanding and polishing methods:

  • Scuffing: Sanding of conventional and reflow lacquers, scratch-resistant and hard clear lacquers
  • Dust inclusions: Flatting, scuffing and matching
  • Paint runs and orange-peel effect: Flatting of surfaces (manual sanding), matching and fine sanding

For polishing

The result is increased efficiency and process stability in the following applications:

  • siachrome cut – yellow:
    Highly effective scratch remover for buffing up fresh conventional lacquers using the yellow polishing pad or scratch-resistant and weathered lacquers using the lambskin disc
  • siachrome magic:
    High-performance heavy-duty cleaner for initial cleaning using the microfibre cloth as well as intermediate and final cleaning using the premium cloth
  • siachrome finish – black:
    Microfine finishing paste for the removal of micro-scratches using the black polishing pad
  • siachrome pearl – white:
    Paint sealant for sealing lacquers using the white application puck
  • siachrome platinum:
    Premium paint sealant containing carnauba wax for sealing lacquers using the black polishing pad

Tip: We have designed the easy-to-use Finiblock sanding block for the removal of dust inclusions. This product ensures a high-precision finish thanks to finest grit daisy discs.


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